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Elizabeth Manford
Me and my boy


Elizabeth Manford – wife, mother of two boys and a beautiful King Charles Spaniel called Pollyanna, chef, cleaner, taxi driver, juggler, but most of all Creative Director of The Wax House Candle Company and lover of all things to do with Candles.



Life had given me another chance to do what I wanted to do.”

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 37 and having to go through gruelling treatment to stay alive, I woke up one morning and decided that I was tired of the routine my life had mapped for me.  I didn’t want to be sat behind an office desk and not getting any fulfilment from my job.


Scared, but determined, I set about creating a different life path.  It was hard, after all there was only one wage now coming into the home, but nothing could deter me from achieving my goal.

I am very proud to say that I am 12 years free from cancer.

Why Candles?

Like many of you, I was obsessed with candles.  I loved walking into a shop, seeing candles for sale and making them my first point of call.  I loved trying out new scents.  My obsession led to me buying candles which were extremely expensive and I began to question myself

“are these candles really worth what I am paying, or am I paying for the name and expense of the marketing?”

“I can’t smell anything”

No doubt you have said the same thing when lighting your candle.  I have said it so many times and thought “gosh, I paid a fortune for that.”  They simply didn’t have the scent throw I required.  So, I began to do some research.  I bought a ‘make your own candle DIY box’ and produced a candle!  Turns out I could make candles.  I then began to experiment with scented oils, which scent worked with what.  I also discovered that Soy natural wax gave out a far better scent throw than Paraffin wax.  What I soon realised is that I could create a candle that not only smelt amazing but could be affordable for everyone, a candle that was hand poured to order, had not been mass produced and stuck on a shelf; a candle that was luxurious and affordable because I didn’t have the massive overheads that luxury brands had.  It was important that every customer who bought my products would have a truly mesmerising experience.

Hand Poured Luxury Candles

“I love my job”

Why do I love it?  I’ll tell you; because I am creating something that is unique, that is luxurious and that has a price tag that normal folk can afford.  I am so proud of my family for standing by me and giving me encouragement to live a dream and I look forward to you all experiencing my products that have been made with care and above all love.

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  1. Your candles are beautiful. I have just lit Saffron, Pink Pepper and Sandalwood. Last night we lit Blackcurrant, Leather and Birch. We are trying all four, then I shall place my next order. The melts are lovely too. Marie.

    1. Hi Marie!
      Thank you for your wonderful review and we are so pleased you are enjoying our fragrances. We always do a little dance when we hear good feedback as you as a customer are very important to us. Happy days!!

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