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The Scents Of Adventure…

Just one scent can take you on an extraordinary adventure: whether it’s transporting you to an exciting, far-flung destination or invoking a trip down memory lane.

Every scent has a story to tell, and at The Wax House, it is our passion to bring these stories to life.

We harness truly exquisite fragrances and capture them in the most beautiful of ways; through sensual candles, stylish diffusers, luxurious wax melts and much, much more.

Hand Poured Artisan Candles

The Wax House story

The Wax House began with our highly creative and scent-obsessive founder, Elizabeth Manford. Her constant search for beautiful scents was always found wanting. The exorbitant prices for luxury candles and the lack of inspiring or evocative scents available gave Elizabeth her best idea yet – to create her own brand of stunningly designed fragrances with truly beautiful scents at an affordable price point.

With this, The Wax House was born.

Many years, orders, and new scent releases later, The Wax House stays true to this initial mission:

To create affordable luxury through hand-crafted and eco-friendly home fragrances.

For the love of Lancashire and nature

Based in the heart of Lancashire, The Wax House is surrounded by natural inspiration. From the invigoratingly salty sea air on the Lancastrian coast, to the citrusy forest scents of the Trough Of Bowland, staying true to nature is a key commitment to the Wax House.

This isn’t just with nature-inspired scents, but by only using natural vegan-friendly soy wax for our candles and wax melts as well as eco-friendly packaging that minimises plastic use and offers a stunning look.

Beautiful inside and out

While dreamy, evocative scents take pride of place, we know home fragrances have to look the part too. This is why we offer a range of quality accessories that adds style and complements our fragrance products and home décor. These include locally-made hand-thrown pottery wax burners and elegant glass candle holders.

Whether as a gift or a treat, our products are designed to deliver a luxurious experience from the very beginning. Our packaging is designed with true care, and attention to detail included ribbon tied accents, stand-out colour schemes and truly tactile detailing. From there, the unboxing process creates a special experience. At the Wax House, it is always more than just a candle!

Small but mighty

Just like, Miss Pollyanna, our mascot pooch, The Wax House team may be small, but it is mighty. We are a family run business, but with a dedicated team, all committed to creating beautiful products to indulge in and share.

While the business may have started in the garage, as orders from clients and retailers continued to grow, we’ve expanded to create a full-scale production room. This means we can continue to develop a broader product range including bespoke private label collections, wholesale candle production for large orders, as well as personalised home accessories.

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