Become a Hotel Retail Partner

Become A Hotel Retail Partner

The first moment a guest enters your hotel, they want to be enveloped in luxury and indulgence. The first impression of your hotel makes all the difference. This first impression comes not only from the décor and welcome, but the ambience and fragrance. At The Wax House, we can offer wholesale hotel fragrance options for your hotel as well as stylish, scented products for your hotel hospitality menu.

Scent And Style Combined

We know the perfect scent can make all the difference to the atmosphere and experience of your guests. The perfect fragrance can invoke powerful memories.

Furthermore, it is often the first thing a guest will notice. With just a note of scent, your hotel can immediately transform the mood of your clientele. Whether your scent is modern and bold, ultra-relaxing, stylishly oriental or blissfully ozonic; we can help create the perfect scents for your hotel spaces.

Whether you choose to create a bespoke scent with The Wax House or a collection of our signature scents to suit each boutique room, all of our products are stylishly designed and packaged. We can offer a white label service to provide your hotel with exclusively tailored products.

As a result, these are the perfect retail option to always remind your guests of their wonderful stay at your hotel.

Why Become A Hotel Retail Partner With The Wax House?

  • Choose from our variety of signature scents or create your own fragrance
  • Stylish products to match the décor of your rooms, hotel and brands
  • A range of options including soy wax melts, candles, room sprays and reed diffusers
  • All of our products are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan
  • Sustainable, recyclable quality packaging perfect for hotel hospitality.

About Our Luxury Hotel Fragrance Options

We understand each of your hotel rooms has been carefully and tastefully designed. At The Wax House, we offer a variety of stylish products that serve at the perfect finishing touch for your rooms or communal spaces. From art-deco inspired reed diffusers to minimalist candles and elegant room sprays, we can tailor our products to perfectly suit your space.

What’s more, we can ensure all of our retail products match the branding of your hotel, so your guests can reinvoke the memory of their stay. Consequently, with our bespoke hotel fragrances, you can create memories that last a lifetime for your clients.

From providing adding value with scented and stylish room accessories to maximising the retail value of clients with your hotel hospitality menu, luxury hotel fragrances are an effective, transformative and hassle-free way to lift your hotel to new heights.

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