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Yet again Mother’s Day has come and gone in a flash and while I read through all the Mother’s Day messages across the social media platforms, full of lovely pictures of family get together’s, presents and messages of love, I still twinge with envy for all those who are able to plan family time with their generations of inspiring women.

It’s been a busy period for us at The Wax House, making beautiful gift sets for this time of year.  It did however resonate with me this year, that each gift that would be given would create a memory of happiness for that family.  Each set I made, I made thinking about my own mother, who I sadly lost tragically to cancer when I was only 26 years old. I was too young to lose such a vital role model at a time when I was moving from being a tempered teenager and vivacious know it all, 20 something.  I was going through relationship problems

Wax melts hessian bags wax burners burning candlesmyself and I needed the wisdom of my mum to steer me through the overwhelming sadness I was going through.  I felt orphaned, left to cope with life’s meteor showers of problems.  Not only did I have my own grief, but I had to grow up all of a sudden to deal with my father’s grief.

Being an only child can be very lonely and not being able to share that grief with someone can sometimes feel like the world is caving in on you.  I never got to share my family with her and even though my 2 boys wish me Mother’s Day greetings of love, I wish I could do the same as some of the family gatherings I have seen today. So, the only way I could give a gift to someone today was to create my gift sets for my customers to give their mums.  I want you to know that memories, thoughts and love were placed in each box as if they were intended for my own beautiful mother.

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