Alchemy hand poured candles

I get a lot of people asking me what the difference is between handmade soy wax candles made in small batches and large batches of candle made by a machine.  Well guys, quite a lot!  The amount of people that I have met through expos and shows who have never had any other candle but Yankee, is unreal. There are lots of candle companies out there, both manufactured and handmade and I feel it would be beneficial that everyone knew the difference between the two.Alchemy hand poured candles

First off, bigger is not always best!

Large manufacturing companies produce candles in conveyor belt high volumes. What that means for you is that your hard-earned cash is not going to go very far.


Well, for starters, their fragrance percentage is very low.  Basically, when you make a candle, you add the fragrance to the wax as a percentage. I was adamant that my candles would have a terrific scent throw.  I had thrown away so much money on candles that didn’t deliver! You see,  large companies need to pay for all the fancy advertising they do, so they need to keep costs minimal. It’s all about the look and not the quality!

Manufacturers use large machines to process as many candles as they can and because of this, the fragrance will often not completely bind with the wax and therefore your candle will have a poor scent. Hand poured soy wax candles are produced in smaller batches which means quality, individuality and creativity and above all, your pennies have been well spent.

What you have to decide is what makes you buy a candle.  Is it how it looks or its beautiful scent?


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