We all love our homes to smell gorgeous and when I bought my first home, it was a case of spray a bit of air freshener here and there and jobs a good’n.

Times have changed and home fragrance is as important as your furniture and lighting when creating that look and feel. Experts in the field of fragrance believe that we should spend just as much time choosing a home scent as we would a personal scent. I agree totally!

However, it’s not just about the fragrance, your wax candle should also give you peace of mind. Paraffin Candles have been used to light our homes for decades and it was only in 1991 when Soy Wax was discovered by a gentleman who was trying to find a more cost effective wax to use other than beeswax.

In my old age (cough cough), I have become more health conscious and looked in depth into why using Soy Wax for my products would be the best decision I could ever make, not just for me but for my family.

Without going in too much depth with you all at this stage and frightening the pants off you, I will try and sum it up for as best I can:

Soy Wax burns petro-carbon soot free!! What does that mean?

It means that Soy Wax is cleaner to burn than Paraffin Wax candles. Paraffin candles release a petro-carbon soot and contains two known carcinogens – toluene and benzene (substances that can cause cancer). Soot particles are tiny and able to penetrate deep areas of our lungs. Researchers suggest that the very young, the elderly and those with respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD should avoid exposure to candle soot.

So, how shocked was I today, when looking through some online articles, one in particular “why posh candles are money up in smoke” written by Claire Coleman for The Mail on Sunday, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2592997/Why-posh-candles-money-smoke.html.

The article was comparing pricey candles with cheaper alternatives. The reporter had added the wax content to each candle. Jo Malone – Paraffin……… WHAT! Seriously? Now Jo Malone brand had been taken over by Estee Lauder a few years ago and I can’t understand why no steps have been taken to offer the consumer a natural wax product, especially with a price tag of £42 a candle.

Come on Estee Lauder, stop counting the pennies and improve your candles.

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  1. I have bought so many cheap, mass manufactured candles that I thought were a “bargain” at the time in the past, only to find that the smell and longevity was neither satisfactory or pleasant!!!

    The old adage really is true, “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”!!

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