Our new Seasonal Christmas Candle is now ready for you to enjoy!

The seasons are indeed changing once more with delicate petals and fragrances lost to the on-set of winter.

Seasons bring scents that we all associate with for that time of year. I love warmer seasons with the vitality that they bring, yet there is a harmony in autumn, with a lustre in her sky. I love to smell the gathering of bracken and leaves by way of smoky bonfires or log fires.

Winter has a haunting beauty of her own, putting everything she touches into a slumber, scattering her crystals as frost and snow. Yet it is a season for festivities and reflection of the year gone by.

Our new Seasonal Luxury Soy Christmas Candle, Juniper & Black Cedar brings together all things that we associate with the winter season.

A warm urban woody fragrance that combines Juniper Berries, humid Moss with seductive warm notes of Sandalwood, Leather & Black Cedar

Top Notes| Cumin, Chilli

Middle Notes| Juniper, Moss

Base Notes| Leather, Sandalwood, Black Cedar