Violet Cardamon & Cherry Blossom Travel Candle


An elegant, lightly spiced romantic fragrance. It oozes innocence and freedom with top notes of pepper and freesia leading to a heart of Violet, hibiscus, jasmine, heliotrope and rose with a base of suede, cedar and incense.

Approx. 90gms 10cl



Open your mind and let this free spirited bohemian scent take you somewhere off the beaten track. This fragrance is so unconventional and doesn’t like to conform with the norm. A modern floriental scent with hints of lemon combined with gentle cardamon spice lead to a heart that has a warm floral character with undertones of soft vanilla in the form of Tonka Bean. This sweetheart is perfect for Spring and Summer months bringing the outside in.

Approx. 90gms 10cl


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