Our story is powered by passion, a good nose and artistic flare. Who’d have thought the kitchen was where the concept for The Wax House would start.

Just friends who believed that scent was a powerful tool to create moments of happiness and evoke wonderful memories.

This is where I bare all to you and give a snippet of our journey. My name is Elizabeth and I am the proud founder of The Wax House. This is our story.


Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling and I finally took the leap from the 9-5 office job to fulfill a desire to create! Bold move, but it came from having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. When your life hangs in the balance, you kind of get braver with your decisions.

I am a survivor and have been living my life how I want to for the past 10 years.

I’ve always been somewhat obsessive with scent. I was the woman in the supermarket isle opening all the lids on the washing liquids. The woman who would head for the candle section at the garden centre to find that ‘special something’ that would knock my socks off. However, nothing gave me enthusiasm to buy anything.

This led to purchasing candles that would cost the earth; lovely candles, but the purse became empty quickly!

The Beginning

Brain wave moment! What if I were to create my own fragrances and then there would be no need to ask for a larger bank overdraft to cover the cost. What if I could produce high end premium fragrances?

I began my research, not only with fragrance but with what the fragrance would blend with. Soy Natural Wax was a no brainer for me, it’s benefits far out-weighed using standard Paraffin Wax, no more black soot!!

Friends and relatives loved receiving my little gifts of scent. From the overworked gas hob, we had to convert the garage in to a small production room.

Word spread and we began to realise that there was a community of Wax House followers. So much so, I needed the help of my husband, son, friends, oh and of course Miss Pollyanna, our King Charles pooch. She is always around and somehow always wants to be in the photography!

The Middle

A small production line began and businesses on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire wanted to stock them.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself; having someone acknowledge your worth is a great feeling.

Hang on, it didn’t stop there… I’d created the fragrances and created the products, but it was missing a bit. Something that would add that extra splash of ‘special-ness’.

We all love to receive a gift especially when it’s all wrapped up nicely, so I thought about how I like receiving things. I wanted to create something that would give ‘the wow factor’. Something that would say “I’ve bought you something that will give you that ‘oh that’s lovely’ moment!”

Months of research and design went in to creating packaging that wasn’t just a box, it was a work of art!

It’s very clever; we believe that every gift should send a message of ‘uniqueness’.

We’re also very mindful of plastic pollution. A lot of wax melt packaging is in plastic containers. Faced with the undeniable consequences of a toxic tide of plastic, as a company, we have a pivotal role to play.

We have designed packaging that not only looks beautiful but can help towards reducing the tragedy that’s evident in our environment.

The Present

Our story so far has took us from kitchen to garage to studio, working with great like minded Chandlers, still using traditional methods of craftsmanship, hand pouring every single candle.

Our Collection of candles and home fragrances are now being introduced throughout the UK.

We hope that our story inspires many of you to grab your life goals by the horns and go for it!

This is my tribe, women supporting each other – team work!

Team Wax House!